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The journey

At Royal Rascals® we understand the journey of having young children so we created baby and child travel accessories to make your family’s journey easier, happier and safer.

We know how busy (and sometimes stressful) being a parent to your precious young ones can be, especially when travelling in the car. That’s why all of our products are made with you and your family in mind - to make your travels as easy, safe and stress-free as possible.

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Safety and comfort first

We strive to provide convenient, high quality, safe products that you can rely on, at a good price. That’s why we offer a lifetime guarantee on all of our products.

We are one of the UK's leading child travel accessory brands and putting you and your baby's safety and comfort first is Royal Rascals® priority. All of our products have been created with this in mind.

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A trusted brand

Our products are available to order here on our website, and also from and, making it quick and convenient for busy parents to order online and have our products delivered directly to your door.

You know you are buying a trusted brand when you purchase from us so we hope you enjoy our high quality baby car accessories and first class customer service - because your baby’s worth it!