Where can I order Royal Rascals® products?

Our products can be purchased online from our website, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.de, Amazon.fr, Amazon.es, Amazon.it and ebay.co.uk for all United Kingdom and European Union customers. We also sell a smaller range of products on Amazon.com for our United States of America customers, and Amazon.com.au for our Australian customers.

Is there a price difference between your website, Amazon.co.uk and ebay.co.uk?

To ensure all our customers receive the best possible pricing we aim to keep our product prices consistent across all online platforms, including the shipping costs. However from time-to-time we may offer limited time specials or promotional pricing in a particular marketplace.

What are your shipping costs?

The shipping costs will vary depending which online platform you use to purchase your Royal Rascals® products from and where you live. You will receive a shipping quote at the time of placing your order. When ordering from our website or eBay.co.uk the cost to ship the first item is £3.35 within the UK, and each additional item in the same order will cost £2.60 to ship. For Amazon customers, the shipping rates are set by Amazon in your local region and the shipping costs will depend on variables such as the value of your order, whether you are an Amazon Prime member and also where you live.

Do you ship internationally?

Currently we ship to the UK if purchased off our website and eBay.co.uk. We ship to the UK and the European Union if purchased off Amazon UK or the relevant Amazon EU websites. We also ship locally in Australia using Amazon Australia and the USA using Amazon USA.

How does the lifetime warranty work?

When you purchase any Royal Rascals® product from us you will receive a lifetime warranty for your product. Register your product here to ensure your warranty details are validated.

How do I return an item under warranty?

The return process will vary depending on which marketplace you used to purchase the item. Our Amazon and eBay customers should follow the returns processes for those marketplaces. If you purchase directly from our web site please use our Contact Us Page and we will advise you how you can return your item.