Car Seat Kick Mats x2

Car Seat Kick Mats x2


Protect your car upholstery from dirty feet!

 We understand that keeping your car clean and free from kick marks and dirt is a challenge with a young family, which is why we created the our Kick Mats - to help keep your car looking brand new!

Why Buy our Kick Mats?

  • Protect your car upholstery - against damage and stains.

  • Eliminates wear and tear - to your car's upholstery.

  • Keeps your car's interior hygienic - and baby safe.

  • Stylish organiser pocket - for your child's toys and all those handy essentials like baby wipes and snacks.

  • Universal size - that fits most cars.

  • Buckle fastens - around headrest to hold upright and around the bottom of car seat to hold firmly in place.

  • Waterproof and stain resistant - using premium quality Oxford 600D material with additional coating.

  • Reinforced corners and edging - for extra durability.

  • Folds away - for easy storage.

  • Retain your car's value - 97% of car buyers will pay more for your car if they see you have kept your car's interior in good condition.

PLUS - you get two kick mats, one for the back of each front seat or a spare for another car!

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Knowing we've literally 'got you covered' with our no questions asked, money-back product guarantee if our Royal Rascals® kick mats are not right for you.

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Our Kick Mats will help…


...protect your car from dirty feet


...keep your car clean & tidy