Car Window Socks x2

Car Window Socks x2


Protect your young ones from the sun!

We understand that keeping your baby or child out of direct sunlight when in the car can be a challenge, so we created our car window socks for families who want to provide that extra protection for their little ones. Given the lower melanin levels (nature's sun protection) in young skin, young children are particularly vulnerable to the sun's damaging effects – even on cloudy days.

 Why Buy our Window Socks?

  • 40+ UV protection - higher protection than others on the market to keep your young family out of direct sunlight.

  • Special SUNBLOK weave material - being twice the thickness and providing twice the protection than others on the market, this material significantly reduces sun glare.

  • Allows the window to be opened normally - stays perfectly in place when the window is opened and closed.

  • Universal size that fits most car windows - stretches to fit car windows from 45-67cm high and 50-107cm wide.

  • Storage pouch – to keep the window socks in when not in use, handy for those on the go. Easily stored away.

  • Premium quality - offering greater protection and durability.

  • Privacy – offers great privacy especially for parents needing to feed or change their little ones.

  • Allows baby to sleep – less sunlight and glare to make it easier for your baby to fall asleep in the car.

  • Easy to install – it literally takes a couple of minutes to install!

  • Keeps your car cooler – our window sock helps reduce the temperature of your car by keeping the direct sunlight out.

PLUS - you get two window socks, one for each back window or a spare for another car!

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Knowing we've literally 'got you covered' with our no questions asked, money-back product guarantee if our Royal Rascals® window socks are not right for you. 

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Our Window Socks will help your baby…


...stay cool in the car

nosun1.png safe from the sun’s rays


...sleep in the car